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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bobbin and Weavin

October was almost more fun than this Sugar Britches could handle! I got so caught up in cranking out orders that I almost forgot to update the blog. Almost.

I got all sassy frass and went formal and "hired" a *super cute* marketing man (shout out to Chris D!) who whipped up some business cards, so I decided I better at least catch up an incy wincy bit here.
Sugar Britches is now featuring: scarves, hoodies, jackets, running shorts, burp cloths, bloomers, bibs, onesies, and monogrammed socks and undies to boot. JK.

But truly, so many special things for so many special folks!
I'm still just as tickled as ever to get to know the stories behind each piece I create.

November rolled in and a Fleece Frenzy took SB by storm. I'm sayin. Peeps love them some fleece hoodies, scarves, and jackets!

I was honored to do some Buford Spirit Wear for a very special little lady this month as well--her Mama said she was tickled pink to wear her girly girl shirts to school and I was just as tickled to see her sweet face in them!
And I still can't get over this little hot pink tutu--such a fun pairing with any monogrammed onesie--
We're also carrying the cutest little ruffle bottomed leggings for baby girls this month. So fun, so frilly!

And today I cooked up this little beauty:
Never mind those spankin' spoons. They're just for decorations.

Put some prep in your step and order those Christmas gifts early, y'all!

I cannot say enough how much this little "hobby" has helped to soothe my soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your orders.

Humbly yours,
Sugar Britches

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